New Cell Phone

     This week was pretty eventfull.  Had class, and then on Tuesday and on Thursday I had to work at my new job at the Radisson Hotel (Pine Tree Gril) for waitressing.  Tuesday wasn’t so bad, I got trained on how to do room service.  That got pretty busy.  We even had to bring some orders out to the Provilion tent where Willy Nelson was playing.  That was super cool, except for the fact that I didn’t get to see Willy Nelson, I just had to deliver his food to his trailer.   Anyways, on Thursday I go trained on the floor, waiting on tables.  We had a group of about 13 people– 2 women and the rest men.  Well I’ll tell ya what, those men were dogs.  They kept looking me up and down and sweet talking to me, it was crazy.  Well I guess if it get guys like that when I’m on my own, I better be makin’ some pretty damn good tips off of them!!  I also had a few more tables but they weren’t so bad.  Then around 7:00ish, the Packer players started to arrive.  (they stay at our hotel every night before a home game)  They kept looking in the resturant, waving and smiling at me.  It was alright.  But a lot of our guest were having a blast getting their autographs and photos taken with them. 
       Then on Friday, some friends of mine and I went to the Packer game.  It was a blast, except for the fact that we lost.  BOO…  It was a great time though, drank a little, got some food, and then after the game, we all went home, and got ready to go out to the bars.  That was a fun time.   
      Well, while at the Packer game, I dropped my phone on accident.  When I went to open it (flip phone), the screan was blank.  I tried to turn it off to see if that would fix it, NOPE.  Then I decided to take out my battery, NOPE, still blank.  So, if i wanted to call someone, there was no way I could look into my phone book, and if someone was to call me, I had no idea who was calling me.  It sucked, but at least I could recieve calls and make calls.  Well today, I went to the Cingular store to see if I could replace my phone, they said that in order to keep my plan that I am currently on, I would have to buy a phone at its retail price, which is at least $200.  Not thinking so.  And they also said that I could also go to Wal-Mart and buy a "go-phone" for cheap and just switch my SIM-card into that phone.  I spent less than a $100 dollers on a phone–pretty damn good I must say.  But the down side is, I lost all my phone numbers, all my photos, and even my new ring tone I downloaded…"sexy back."  Now all I have to do is just get all the numbers or at least majority of the numbers I had back onto my phone.  So I hope this works out well.
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