last week of summer vacation

   Well to start off, one of my best guy friends, Bryan, came home from Iraq on the 6th of August(sunday).  Around 11:30pm, I got a call on my cell phone from Bryan and Pat telling me that they are picking me up and that we are going to Denny’s (which is one of our traditions) to have some ice cream.  I had tears when I saw Bryan.  It was just a big sign of relief knowing that he was ok and that nothing bad has happend. 
   Later that week (Thursday), we celebrated Bryan’s 21st birthday (which is actually in March) because he couldn’t celebrate it in Iraq. So we went to a few bars around town. It was a blast.  Bryan got pretty bad, but didn’t throw up which is a very good thing. 
   Then the next week (wednesday), I had people over because my parents were out of town for my dad’s surgury.  He had given my uncle one of his kidneys, so they were gone for 5 days.  Anyways, I had people over and it was a fun time, got kinda drunk and went to Denny’s late at night again, but this time I got dinner.  That Thursday, my friend Meagan was having people over at her bosses house because she was house sitting.  So a bunch of us went over there to drink and sit in the hot-tub.  I was super drunk, almost went in the hot-tub naked, tired to convince the boys to be naked…yeah I was kinda naughty.   Then on Saturday, we went to the Brown Co. Fair.  They had the trackter pull and a bunch of country things going on.  We went on some rides, and I got sick.  It wasn’t cool.  Monday, I started school…boring, and on Tuesday Bryan left to go back to Iraq at 6:00am. And now here I am telling you about my last weeks of summer vacation.  Now I can’t wait for 3 months because that is when Bryan comes back again to partyi it up again.
P.S.  feel free to check out the photos… under "Bryan’s 21st Birthday"
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