Road Trip to UW-Stevens Point

This trip was fun.  My Friend, Jenny, from school came with me to visit some friends in Stevens Point.  On the way there, I spotted what I thought were brown cows.  I said, "Hey Jenny, look, chocolate cows!" Jenny replyed, "Joanna those are buffalos."  and I said, "oh yea, you’re right, no wonder they looked wierd."  LOL  It was funny.  While we were there, we stayed in my friend Karl’s dorm room.  It was lots-o-fun. We watched a scary movie-Hannibal, and then  his friend Adam-who is also good looking-came over and hung out with us.  Saturday, Jenny and I just chilled in Karl’s room all day and walked around campus visiting people.  We got together with my friend Rachel who also hung out with us in Karl’s room.  Then on Sunday, we ate brunch, said our goodbye’s and departed.  What a fun weekend!

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One Response to Road Trip to UW-Stevens Point

  1. ~Time will tell...~ says:

    Oh yes. We had fun Jo! lol. Good to know you were there and it wasent just me! (you know what im talking about). Shh be quiet! Oh sorry…ehahahahaha!!!! lol. Anyways, you are my baby girl. U are such a good friend and im really glad that we got to know eachother and we need to def. hang out more!!–Jen–

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